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WELCOME TO MY LIFE. GOD, SCHOOL, MY HOBBIES, FAMILY AND FUTURE CAREER IS EVERYTHIING TO ME. Favorite shows: CSI, Criminal Minds, OUAT, Law and Order, American Dad, Family Guy, Naruto, RAW, TNA, Smackdown,Sons of Anarchy, etc.
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New #saintsrow game coming out

#music is life

Yes, #romanreigns. Welcome to the #romanempire

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | Iconic Lines

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Best weekend start ever.


Get to know your characters inside and out. Use this worksheet to assist you in the development of your fiction characters. Can be used for protagonists and antagonists.

Current Date:
Novel Title:
Takes place in what Locale/Time:
Character Name:
Character Age:


Avaialble in English, Spanish and French (English- i recommend videoweed or gorillavid where available) Happy Watching!! :)

Season 1


O U A T  M E M E
[7/9] episodes - second star to the right

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Without you I’m l o s t.

                Daniel, come back to me.

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